Longbush Wines
Longbush Wines is a family owned and operated winemaking company located in Gisborne, New Zealand. Owner John Thorpe has been winemaking for 32 years and still finds the annual harvest exciting and challenging, "there are aways new developments in the business, different weather patterns effecting harvest and new markets to explore”.
The brand Longbush Wines originates from a winding stretch of native forest called the Longbush Reserve which runs along the Waimata river in Gisborne. Dame Anne and her husband Jeremy Salmond have restored the Waikereru Eco-sanctuary for NZ native birds and plant species. Anne is an acclaimed author and in 2014 she was awarded New Zealander of the year.
The selection of wines produced plays to the regions strengths, Chardonnay, Gewurztraminer, Pinot Gris, Viognier and Merlot of which a Merlot-Rose is also made. Longbush also produce their own Methode Champenoise under the COSMOS brand.


Longbush Wines have won numerous awards including;

*Gold Medal - The Family Company 2017 Gisborne Gewurztraminer - 2019 NZ International Wine Awards

*Silver medal - The Family Co 2017 Gewurztraminer - 2018 NZ Wine of the Year

*Gold Medal/Trophy - The Family Company 2016 Gisborne Gewurztraminer - 2017 NZ International Wine Awards

*Silver Medal - Longbush 'Bird Series' 2017 Pinot Gris - 2017 Air NZ Awards

*Gold Medals and Catagory winners - 2013 Viognier /2013 Gewürztraminer - *Gisborne Regional Wine Competition

*Gold Medal - Gewurztraminer - Bragatto Wine Awards

*Gold Medal - Viognier - New Zealand International Wine show 

*Our Longbush Merlot has also been selected for Economy Class Air New Zealand pacific.


For national and international sales interest contact:
Ash Thorpe
(+64) 27 386 7746
19 Solander Street, Gisborne 4010, New Zealand

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