'First Press' Grape Juice

We recognise the huge opportunity created by the abundance of fruit produced here in Gisborne. Many people are unaware of the diversity of fruit that is grown and exported from this region plus that it is harvested almost year round. What is well known is that Gisborne fruit, due to our climate and fertile soils, has the best flavours.
Our goal is to create healthy juices, from the surplus fruits, that have no preservatives, no concentrates and no added sugars. We are drawing on the winemaking and processing experience of our team and have constructed a food grade premise at the winery dedicated to producing high quality juices and purees".
First Press is a grape juice that is quite simply pure grape juice in a convenient recyclable bottle. They recognise that many people, when drinking sociably, want a non-alcoholic drink ... First Press offers them this choice served as it is, nicely chilled, or as a mixer with soda or tonic.

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