June 23, 2017

Wine Friend - always a friend

Wine Friend - always a friend

Wine Friend has been a great supporter of both the First Press grape juices and The Family Wines for awhile now

If you haven't come across them online they are a great starting point to purchase wines if you are not sure what you really want/like.

Their motto's is "So many wines to choose between. Who has time to taste them all? We do"

They make you do a little test so they know what wines you like. You will be sent a case of wine each month or so like magic (being your credit card).

Such a great concept and with the amazing taste buds of Yvonne Lorkin behind it you know it will be tasty and interesting.

And you know what is great about it, on a rainy Friday night when your friends are too busy you will always have a little bottle waiting quietly for when you need a friend.