January 20, 2016


Say hello to our new kids on the block here at Gisborne Gourmet:

First Press Green and Gold Kiwifruit Juices.

Kiwifruit can deliver a range of health benefits because it contains high levels of Vitamin C (which boosts the immune system,) fibre for natural relief, potassium to help you relax, minerals to build the body, and antioxidants for a happy heart.
Our new duo contain intensely full flavoured Gisborne kiwifruit teamed with a little local honey and spring water sourced from the base of the Waimata foothills that has been found to be over eighty years old, spending that time being slowly filtered through the limestone geology of the region so that by the time it emerges it has picked up high levels of calcium that contribute to healthy bones.
 These juices are beautiful chilled and consumed on their own, and also as a base for sweet summer smoothies or used as a mix to any blend or aperitif. 
Available in 250ml bottles.