September 10, 2015


Back at the Kiwi Juice Headquarters, we have been developing a range of delicious and refreshing grape juice based recipes, both non-alcoholic and alcoholic (5% alc). Our taste team reckons the juices pack so much great flavour that the addition of only sparkling water (non-alcoholic) and vodka (to 5% alcohol by vol.) make for the perfect drink.

For a simple non-alcoholic version simply take one of our 250mL grape juices and mix with two 50 mL shots of sparkling soda water. For the alcoholic version (5%), replace one of the 50 mL soda shots with vodka. Serve over ice. We have even calculated the alcohol concentration and the standard drinks as 0.6 per serve, based on a single serve of 150mL.

In future we will highlight new recipes; this week we provide just the base recipe to make perfect sparkling grape juice drinks - serve over ice for the ultimate refreshment.