July 01, 2015


There was snow last week blocking the roads to Gisborne, now there is a warm nor-wester blowing… that's winter out east. It might appear a crazy time of year to launch a website bringing you the bounty of summer, but it's currently Gizzy Food Month in Gisborne. This event is proving to be a real hit, dragging people away from their firesides to brave the cold, and showing great crowds at the opening Food Street festival. 

We thought while you might still be sitting in front of a fire having warm thoughts of summer sun, maybe even good memories of a summer spent here in Gizzy, it would be the perfect chance for you to browse through Gisborne Gourmet and our range of Gisborne’s finest produce. 

At Gisborne Gourmet we hope to make it as easy it can be for you to buy Gisborne's best wine, cheese, juice and more that is almost impossible to buy anywhere else.

*We'll be growing our list of amazing local produce, so "like" us "follow" us, subscribe to our newsletter and watch this space!  

Let us introduce you who and what we have on board already.


As an artisan cheese producer Waimata Cheese has spent many years cementing their spot in the hearts of New Zealanders.  Hand-crafted in Gisborne, on the bank of the Waimata river, Waimata Cheese is owned and operated by Carol and Rick Thorpe. Using traditional techniques they have recently crafted a new range of cheeses. Mozzeralla, Ricotta, Holoumi and cheddar have been added to their award winning blues and white mould cheeses now available as their Waimata gourmet selection.



This wine selection is the flagship label for Longbush Wines. Winemaker John Thorpe selects the best parcels of fruit from each vintage, nurtures them through the winemaking process and then selects the best barrels to produce the Family Wine range. Some vintages the wines just don’t make the cut but 2013 was a stunner. The standout wines from 2013 are clearly the Viognier and Gewürztraminer both having won several golds. Subscribe to our newsletter and we will keep you posted as new wines join the Family.



Winemaker John Thorpe has decided to put aside the first press to bottle in it's purest form... First Press juice is 100% grape juice, 0% Alc.

Take this beautiful sweet juice made from wine grapes and you can easily customise it to your palate by creatively mixing it with soda or tonic . Add a dash vodka or gin to create your own personalised low alcohol wine, or chill and drink it straight for an amazing energy boost!



We believe that Gisborne produces some of the very best that New Zealand has to offer, and we are excited to be bringing it to you collectively at Gisborne Gourmet. Let us know what you think? Say hello@gisbornegourmet.com We look forward to hearing from you soon.